Moose Hunting

Moose Hunt Maine

Maine Moose hunting is considered to be world class.  In Maine, moose hunters are chosen by lottery only.  Because of the lottery, many consider being selected a once in a lifetime opportunity. We understand how long some people have waited and we aim to make your moose hunt an exciting adventure.   We have camps in or near the following Wildlife Management Districts: 4,5,8,9,10, 11,14, 18, and 19.  However, we are not limited to these areas!  Please contact us to discuss your desired Moose hunting location.

The Moose Hunts are six days, seven nights with all meals included.
Don't forget plenty of film and video!

Guided Moose Hunt

Includes Meals, Lodging, Guide and Game retrieval
*Prices subject to change, please call to verify rates*

 As your guide, we will locate a moose and set you up accordingly. Since the week of moose season coincides with the rut, one method we use for bulls is "calling". This method is very effective. Bulls can be as large as 1100 lbs. with 60" spreads so this hunt will be one to remember. Your guide will dress the animal and get it out of the woods for you.

MOOSE HUNTS by IF & W lottery permit only

*50% (non refundable) deposit due at time of reservation (cashier, check) 

         Balance due at check in (cash ONLY) 

September 2011 Bull Zone 4 weighted 903 lb Dressed Scored 170 3/8. Hunter an Moose made MASTC for 2011


2009~ Lucky Moose Lottery Permittee Butch Walsh poses with his 615 pound bull and Guide Rob

 2008~Ryan from South Portland with his 800 pound bull.
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